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Booking Etiquette:

I only accept pre-planned advance dates, last minute requests will not be responded to. I send out a confirmation email early in the week before I get to your town with my contact info (ie. Cell number) and location for the date (ie. Hotel info). At least 24hrs notice is appreciated for any cancellations, though if if you wait til I get to town to cancel and I am unable to fill your date, there may be a cancellation charge of $100 next time you book.

Date Etiquette:

I am always ready on time for dates, so please be prompt as well. If you find you're running late, it's not a problem provided you call and let me know. Though depending on my plans, your date may still end at the specified end time you booked for.

I bathe before any date, so please be clean also. If you need to shower at my in call when you arrive, it is definitely not a problem and even welcomed.

Clothing Requests:

For dinner dates I will ask if you'd prefer me in a dress, dress pants, or jeans. I'm sorry but I don't take clothing requests for private dates, preferring to wear what makes me feel beautiful and sexy in the moment. Though typically there is lingerie and heals involved.

Booking Quota:

If you're requesting a date and I tell you Im booked up, it's because I have a maximum quota of gentlemen I'll see depending on the number of days I'm visiting. I have many clients that prefer multiple hour dates...which eats up much of my time. For this reason, my availability fills quickly and waiting till I get to town in many cases can be too late...unless of course I get any cancellations, and sometimes does happen.

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